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One of my most surreal accomplishments in life has been my ability to convince people that I am athletic. Between my 5’8” build, participation in organized sports, and collection of athletic apparel (37 sports bras, to be exact), I have inadvertently given off the impression that I am truly about the #FitLife.


Don’t get me wrong, I love exercising. After I have finished working out, I feel great. But if given the option of brunch or a spin class, you can find me in the South End ordering overpriced mimosas and avocado toast. What keeps me moving is taking new workout classes. I love a good boutique fitness class, especially the ones with attractive instagram feeds and a clientele whose W2’s laugh at my mere existence. (Do you even get a W2 when you’re that rich? Or are they like W1’s for 1st class?)


ANYWAYS, I’ve decided to return to sharing stories of my exciting fitness endeavors with my Workout of the Week series. To kick it off, we’ll start with my least favorite exercise – running.


Workout of the Week – B.A.A. 10K

A few weeks after cheerleading ended, I decided I needed to sign up for something to motivate me to exercise again. I wanted something that had the energy of a competition but would still allow me to just participate, while incorporating fewer shoulder sits. The Boston Athletic Association offers four races a year – a 5k, a 10k, a half marathon, and THE Boston Marathon. I had already done my fair share of 5k races and thought it was time to up my game. A 10k is an awesome race because it doesn’t require the discipline and strenuous training of a marathon or half marathon but still earns you bragging rights since it’s longer than a 5k.

Haley, Mary, and Zoe, I love you all, but I’ve done enough of these for a lifetime.


To prepare for this race I used the Nike+ Run Club app and selected a 6 week training program to guide me. Leading up to the race, I went on 3 of the 18 or so runs; I ran 1 mile on May 21st, 1.63 miles on May 24th, and then 0.5 mile on May 29th. Then I gave myself a month of rest until race day on June 24th, but made sure to nourish my body with more McDonalds and Coca-Cola than I had ever consumed in my life. I also felt inspired by Queen Harrison, a professional track runner, and decided to pick out a lipstick color to wear during the race. I went with Mac Liptensity Lip Pencil in Marsala and their Matte Lipstick in Breathing Fire. Look good, feel good, right?! I was finally race ready.


While I wouldn’t recommend my training and nutrition regimen to anyone for race prep or life in general, I do recommend trying to have fun during the course of your race. BAA events have a really enthusiastic crowd and participants of all ages and athletic abilities, so the energy is really contagious. There are people lined up throughout the course watching and cheering you on as if you were Desiree Linden, even though you’re running at a pace only your mother would be proud of. You don’t wanna disappoint yourself or the fans, and you definitely don’t want to be the asshole in pink lipstick that walks during it… #LookGoodFeelGood, I’m telling you!!


While I am not the fastest runner, I proudly met all the goals I set for myself during this race. I showed up, I ran the entire course, and ran it a little faster than I did 4 years ago. AND I didn’t even have to choose between the race and brunch, as I made it to Happy Hour brunch down the street – the mimosa was actually underpriced, so I’ll count that as another win.

Not pictured: my $5 mimosa. Partially pictured: Dr. Ashley


If you’re looking to run a race and want even bigger bragging rights, registration just opened for the B.A.A. Half Marathon in October. Don’t forget your lipstick!


PS – here’s my race day playlist!

If you have any workout classes you’d recommend I try in the greater Boston area, NYC, or elsewhere, comment them below!

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