Workout of the Week: Exercising Your Voting Rights

The last time I really remember working out is in July, which I will be sharing with you all since it’s very important that you know about it. This week I’ve decided to remind you how important it is to exercise your right to vote, especially in this midterm election. Whether you are fine with how things are going or you are hoping to turn things around, you should vote this year.


Head over to to check your registration status, actually register to vote, find your polling place, or request an absentee ballot. It’s all very easy and takes seconds.


For a list of information about registration deadlines, the Failing New York Times™ has put together a handy list. (I just checked and there is also a list on, but I’m keeping that original joke).


Now geaux and prepare to do your civic duty! #Veauxte!


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